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Food Industry Cluster of Castilla y León (VITARTIS)

VITARTIS is the Food Industry Cluster of Castilla y León (founded in 2009) and its main objective is to increase food industry competitiveness in the Region, by encouraging the innovation in every field and representing the sector´s interests in different institutions, public administration and economic and social organizations.
The organization is made up by three kinds of partners:

  • Business partners (including SMEs and large agro-food entreprises) that are involved in wide varely food sectors: meat, fish products, canned fruit and vegetables, wine, coffee, dietetic food, biscuit, dairy industry, bakery, sugar, flour, nuts, health, catering, frozen foods, food ingredients, animal feed and agriculture.
  • Technology partners: Universities and Technology Centers of the region.
  • Companies that provide supporting services to the food industry sector in Castilla y León

Nowadays Vitartis is formed by 126 members whose total turnover reaches 3,800 million €, which represents 40% of the regional sector total turnover.That turns VITARTIS into a tool that drives the connection between food and technology companies.