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The FERDUERO Association became operational in 2007, when the Management Commission in charge of drawing up its statutes and taking all the necessary steps for its creation, was established. Once several bureaucratic procedures have been carried out and overcome, on April 3, 2008 the Constitutive Assembly of the Ferduero Association of Irrigation Communities of the Duero Basin is held with the participation of 16 Entities (2 of them Central Boards, which grouped 75 Base Communities), which added up a total surface of 132,243.00 ha. Nowadays, after 10 years of life, we have 134 Irrigation Communities that bring together 232,684.83 associated ha.

We were the only Hydrographic Demarcation that did not have an Association of these characteristics and the reason for our existence is based on the idea that if we are all together, we will carry more weight in the different Administrations related to water management and, at the same time, we will be able to face the great challenges ahead.

After ten years of existence, the Association has increased its importance before the Administrations and continues to grow slowly but steadily, as it has to be and its achievements are remarkable.