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IDForest is a Technology-Based Company. In our laboratory, specialised in biotechnology, our specialists develop cultivation methods of different microorganisms, comprising fungi and bacteria. Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technologies for both organism cultivation (e.g. bioreactor) as well as genetic analysis (e.g. RT-PCR).
IDForest team investigates fungi and their applications in diverse sectors such as agriculture, construction, bioremediation, food or health. We work on edible mycorrhizal mushrooms, saprotrophic mushrooms, the biological control of plant diseases aided by mycorrhizal fungi and bioremediation of pollutants based on different microorganisms. We seek new approaches to common problems in ecosystems management, agriculture, industry, construction and climate change. Backed by our solid experience, IDForest provides consultancy services to different public and private clients.
The team of the company has more than 15 years’ experience in tasks related to fungi and their applications. IDForest is a diverse group of researchers, engineers, chemists and biotechnologists, all dedicated to developing new applications for fungi in different industries.