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At Tecnosylva, we love to solve problems and craft solutions. Providing seasoned consulting services is at the heart of our Land Engineering, Geotechnologies and industry leading software products. Our professional consulting services are the base of our industry leading software solutions. We are able to leverage our subject matter knowledge, technology expertise, and extensive partnerships to offer a wide suite of services.
We provide advanced GIS-enabled software solutions for wildfire protection planning, operational response & firefighter and public safety. Our solutions encapsulate more than 20 years of forestry and wildfire experience into efficient, timely and responsive applications – on desktop, web & mobile platforms. This experience is encapsulated in our products fiResponse® and Wildfire Analyst®.
We offer a range of subject matter expertise in Land Engineering and Geotechnologies consulting services. We integrate Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and LiDAR data in land use applications. Our wide experience allows us to develop and implement planning projects of a wide set of subjects such as, emergency management, wildfire risk, natural resources or urbanism.