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Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Tudela (Navarra), Grupo UVESA is one of the main chicken producers in Spain and occupies leadership positions in the pig and feed manufacturing segments. It has a staff of 2,000 workers in Spain. In addition, it works closely with more than 700 livestock, poultry or pig farms, linked through vertical integration, a collaboration system that allows controlling and managing the entire production process, from the egg to its distribution, guaranteeing complete traceability of the food.

Within its Poultry Division, it has four poultry processing plants (slaughterhouses), a hatchery plant, a processing plant and commercial delegations of poultry products. In the Pig area, the Group works through the integrated system of its own facilities, specialized in insemination, piglet production and fattening. For its part, for the third segment of activity, that of Feed, the company has three factores.

Grupo UVESA is committed to sustainable growth and maintains a firm commitment to Animal Welfare, which is why it applies the strictest European regulations in this regard to its facilities.
Thanks to all this, Grupo UVESA works for the main Retail, Foodservice and Industry companies in Spain and, via export, for some leading players in the international market, to whom it offers a wide catalog of fresh, frozen and processed meat products.