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Lerma Town Council

Since November 2020, Lerma Town Council as head of the Arlanza Subregion and StartupVillage of Territorio Emprendimiento Association formally established a collaboration agreement that has led to the development of a Strategic Resilient Plan.
This plan has led to the creation of a Technical Office as a Territorial Innovation Center whose purpose is to guide the various projects of the "Lerma-Arlanza 2030" strategy plan, which has been developed with the collaboration of many Lermeños, entrepreneurs and businessmen from Arlanza.

The projects are divided into motor and transversal, the first being:

  • GRANJArdin. Regenerative Agricultural Experimentation Center. Achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture and livestock, functioning as a closed cycle. Creating harmony between social, economic and ecological efficiency.
  • ReARTIS. Economic and population development of culture, art and heritage through the Rehabilitation, Revitalization and Reactivation of the territory.
  • Arlanza Social. Actively contribute to the social improvement of Lerma and its subregion.
  • Lerma - Arlanza Energética. Installation of new energy sources (wind, solar and hydrogen) for the development of production centers in Lerma and the region, rehabilitation of old buildings for energy efficiency and self-sustainability.
  • Arlanza Turística. Make Lerma a benchmark for sustainable rural tourism, with a vision of both the past and traditions and the future with an implementation of new technologies and generations.

And the transversal projects:

  • Arlanza Circular. Projects focused on recycling and the circular economy.
  • Lerma Conectividad Online. Bring high online connectivity to both urban and rural territory, as well as connectivity to shops and between towns.
  • Lerma Conectividad Offline. It aims to create a transport system network for all the citizens of Lerma and the Arlanza Region in an efficient, quality and interconnected manner.
  • Arlanza Formación. Create the new generation of professionals with the real training necessary to create a new sustainable and digitized sector by applying traditional and new techniques.

Projects that, if we are able to develop, allow us to reverse depopulation and advance in a promising future for Lerma-Arlanza 2030.