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Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering of Palencia

Our School is specialized in agroforestry, agro-food, oenological and environmental academic formation. We offer a wide variety of Bachelor grades (DEGREES), which qualify several professions such as agricultural engineer, forestry engineer and oenologist, with the possibility of study double degrees. We also offer master's degree studies, which enable other professions such as master agricultural engineer, master forestry engineer, or secondary school teacher, specialized in agro-food and forestry, in addition to others that allow specialization in various fields of the agriculture, food, forestry and environmental sciences, or to join an enriching international experience. We also offer third cycle studies, doctorates, to carry out formal research activity. Our academic offer covers what is known as "green engineering", along with oenology. We have the most related studies with the development of the rural environment, food security, sustainability, as well as the protection and conservation of nature. If your concerns and your aspiration is to work in these fields, our School offers the opportunity for an excellent professional training, in a pleasant, professional environment, close to a multitude of companies in which to carry out your internships, as well as with the possibility of staying at international prestigious Universities.