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FUNDACIÓN CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO DE MIRANDA DE EBRO (CTME), is a non-profit entity, established in 1992 and managed privately and independently, whose purpose is to contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of organizations being a solid, agile and adequate support for the technological development of companies through RTD activities.

We are a Center of Excellence in Environmental Technologies and Biopolymers, national reference in Ecodesign, leader for its High Technology Services offer associated with the introduction of digital technologies in the industry, allowing devices and systems to collaborate with each other and with other participants, giving rise to new products, processes and business models according to the concept of the New Industry 4.0. Acting in a stable framework of national and international collaboration with other R&D centres and agencies.

CTME has three ENAC accredited laboratories with a wide range of testing services for water, waste and emission characterization, equipment calibration and analysis and testing of plastic, bioplastic and compostable materials.