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ECM Environmental Engineering

ECM Environmental Engineering (ECM) is an innovation company with a technological base, specialized in the management of natural resources which has its potential in the knowledge and the experience of its human team. ECM Ingeniería Ambiental S.L. is a Technology Based Company (EBT or spin-off) owned by the Science Park of the University of Valladolid. It is an innovative company specialised in the management of natural resources that bases its potential on the knowledge and experience of its human team. Its interest in research, development and innovation (R&D&i) in the forestry environment makes it a current and pioneering company, as demonstrated by its participation in numerous applied research projects. ECM´s activity is focusing on providing innovative and rigorous services, to other companies and to the public administration, focused on the sustainable exploitation of the natural environment.

ECM Environment Engineering projects are focussed in the following areas: Mycology: Management of mycological resources, sustainable use of wild edible mushroom resources in forest ecosystems, training and knowledge courses to consider fungi resource as alternative in rural development. Integral forestry management of forest stands: Boosting the creation of NEW FORESTS projects, in connection with productivity of wood and non-wood Forest products in a whole way. Environmental engineering: Development of studies and projects that promote environmental sustainability. R+D+i: Development of research projects for sustainable management of forest resources. The main R+D+i activities are focused on mycological productivity, new mycorrhization techniques for nursery plants, fungi cultivation, marketing and healthy uses of fungi, biological stump degradation techniques, CO2 fixation in forest ecosystems and the quantification of mitigation and adaptation processes in forest ecosystems.

ECM is clearly committed to RD&i and therefore we take part and/or lead several research, development and innovatinon projects both national and international levels.

This entire make ECM a company that pretends going a little bit farther, searching the dynamization and the promotion of the natural resources by increasing knowledge, an adequate management, and a correct diffusion of the technical and scientific results of their R&D&i projects.